Kyrie Irving has been one of the best point guards in the entire NBA over the years and continues to be a dominant force while playing for the Brooklyn Nets. Irving has faced his fair share of injuries this season but he has persevered and seems completely committed to bringing the Nets back to the playoffs. Next season, Irving will be joined by Kevin Durant which means the team will be catapulted to the top of the Eastern Conference, or at least, so we think.

Following the All-Star game, the NBA Players Association held a meeting where they elected a new Vice President. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Kyrie was chosen to replace Pau Gasol as the next VP. Gasol's three-year term had just ended which meant it was time for him to be replaced.

This is a huge leadership role for Kyrie which makes the appointment kind of strange. Throughout Irving's career, there have been multiple reports about his inability to be a leader and it's something that has followed him from city to city. Regardless, it appears as though the NBAPA has full faith in the Nets superstar and are confident he will help them negotiate a better CBA in the coming years.