Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving both grew up in the New York-New Jersey area and got to play against each other quite a bit growing up. Eventually, both were drafted into the NBA in 2011 with Kyrie Irving going to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Walker going to the Charlotte Hornets. Irving was playing for the Celtics last year and when he left, Walker effectively took his place at point guard. Not to mention, every time they play against each other, it turns into an entertaining show.

Kyrie is well-aware of his friendly rivalry with Walker and in a recent Instagram live session, Irving issued a challenge to the Celtics star. Simply put, he wants to play him 1-on-1.

“That’s my matchup, I want K-Walk. That’s my big bro. I want K-Walk. That’s my big bro. You know we got mutual respect, but I know everybody wants to see it out of New York, New Jersey,” Irving said. “Everytime we play against each other, it’s always a game. He gave us 40, I gave him 40, back-and-forth. That’s just part of where we grew up.”

Walker is one of the best point guards in the league although Irving arguably has the best handles in the NBA. With that being said, it would certainly be an interesting matchup and we really can't decide who would win. Some might say it's too close to call.