With Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant all on the Brooklyn Nets, fans are expecting this team to compete for a championship. In fact, many see this team going straight to the NBA Finals, where they will likely go up against the Los Angeles Lakers, who are the defending champions.

On Thursday, the Nets defeated the Lakers, although Kevin Durant was injured for the Nets, all while Anthony Davis was out for the Lakers. These injuries made the new rivalry feel a bit inauthentic, although there was still plenty of drama to go around. Following the match, Kyrie was asked about the Lakers rivalry, to which he revealed that he is ready to see this team again. In fact, Irving is well-aware of the fact that people want a Nets-Lakers NBA Finals, and moving forward, Kyrie wants the Lakers when they are fully healthy.

"We'll see them down the line again," Kyrie said. "We look forward to it. With a whole entire Lakers team, that's what we really wanted. I know everybody wants that.”

It's becoming crystal clear that the Lakers and the Nets are the NBA's newest rivalry, and it could very well be on par with the Cavaliers-Warriors rivalry of old. We're in for a great finish to the NBA season and hopefully, both of these teams deliver.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images