Kyrie Irving is back on Instagram and has been heading back to where he grew up in New Jersey to relive some of his formative years and say what's up to those who inspired him as a kid. Irving was a top tier basketball prospect while in middle school and high school and made a huge impression on those in the community who got to see him play. One of those people who never forgot about Kyrie was an older gentleman who was actually the crossing guard at Irving's school when he was in 7th and 8th grade.

In a video posted to Instagram, Irving was reunited with the crossing guard who talked about how proud he is of Kyrie and how he knew he would be a star when he was young.

Irving seemed to be appreciative of the crossing guard's kind words as he walked away. The guard even asked Irving if he was healthy and how that should be the most important thing. It was a heartfelt moment as you could tell that both parties were excited to see each other after so much time.

Heading into the offseason, Irving is expected to leave the Boston Celtics, with some reports saying he wants to sign with the Brooklyn Nets. Perhaps he'll be able to get the crossing guard some tickets if that happens.