As if multi-platinum rapper, Future, wasn’t relevant enough, the city of Inglewood may have just cemented his place in the city’s history.

The anachronistic, flute-ridden hit was originally featured on Future’s self-titled 2017 LP but has more recently captured headlines due to its use in a city public service announcement (PSA), advising residents to wear their masks as part the common preventative measures in containing COVID-19.

The musical PSA, aptly entitled “Mask On”, urges that support for an eventual return to normalcy should be prefaced by the universal adoption of mask-wearing while in public to slow the spread of the virus.

Los Angeles County remains of significant concern for such causes as mask-wearing, given its densely packed population.

The county has thus far seen over 241,000 cases and nearly 6,000 deaths from COVID-19, with the latter of which counting for more than one out of every forty COVID-19 deaths in the United States.

While it might not have the conventionally hard-hitting lyrical content of the Metro Boomin-produced original, the “Mask Off” remix does make a sizable bid for attention with its praise for essential workers, (including medical employees and law enforcement) as well as with its unabashed stance in favor of caution amid the increasingly heated mask debate.

Inglewood rapper, Thurzday even added his two cents on the piece, “It’s good to see the city taking some precaution to protect the health of its citizens.”He elaborated, “2020 is crazy and health is wealth. Do everything to protect yourself, from diet, exercise and mask.”