While certain States have slowly begun re-opening certain businesses, some aren't moving so quickly. In Georgia and Florida for example, stay-at-home orders expired at the top of the month, April 30th and May 4th respectively. Meanwhile, New York's stay-at-home order is expected to expire on May 15th, and governor Cuomo has as of yet, not renewed it-- although there has been speculation that it will be extended until June 6th, it hasn't been confirmed yet.

As far as extended shelter-in-place orders, we now have word that Los Angeles County is "with all certainty" extending the stay-at-home order through July.

Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer reportedly said that the only way this would change, is if "dramatic change to the virus and tools at hand." She continued, "Our hope is that by using the data, we’d be able to slowly lift restrictions over the next three months."

The number of cases and deaths have continued to mount in L.A. County, alongside the re-opening of beaches and hiking trails on Wednesday of this week-- nonetheless, the rest of L.A. County re-opening will be slow. The beaches and hiking trails will have guidelines in place as well, to limit the virus' spread. Sunbathing won't be allowed, and essentially, these grounds can only be used for physical activity, and a facemask will be required for any one not in the water.

We'll keep you posted on the COVID-19 lockdown. Stay safe out there.