Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says all COVID-19 testing sites in the city will be closed during protests over the death of George Floyd. 

COVID-19, George Floyd, Los AngelesMario Tama / Getty Images

Garcetti says the decision has been made as a result of "safety worries across the city.”

“We need to make sure, especially in communities that have less power, that we are able to make sure people don’t disproportionately die because of the color of their skin,” the mayor said, Saturday. “We can’t do that when the city breaks down.”

"Other parts of the city I believe in, and I believe that we can step back from the situation that we see at Fairfax. If we see other ones, have quick responses to make sure we're not going to stand for the burning of police cars," Garcetti said. "We're not going to stand for people who destroy shop windows. Those very few people who want the fight. Whether you're a protester, a police officer, or someone watching on TV, none of us should stand for that," Garcetti continued. "All of us should condemn it, and all of us should support making sure that those people are brought to justice, too. There's a much bigger call for justice that we need, and that is the one that we should keep our eyes focused on, not lighting up a police car as a way of making a point." 

Garcetti also enacted a curfew on the downtown section of Los Angeles, Saturday.