We're saddened to report that Rap has lost another artist. It was first shared hours ago on Twitter that Ketchy The Great, an associate of Drakeo The Ruler, has passed away, and almost immediately condolences and tributes poured in. Ketchy was a member of the Stinc Team and made waves on his collaborations with Shoreline Mafia and 03 Greedo, and it was believed that he was on his way to climbing the mainstream Rap ranks.

Drakeo confirmed the news of his friend's death while on Instagram Live and wanted to address the gossip surrounding his death before it got out of hand. Often, we read about rappers losing their lives to gun violence, but Drakeo wanted to clarify Ketchy's cause of death so people didn't misread his life, stating that the L.A. rapper died after being hit by a car. "Don't make it seem like...c'mon, bro. You know how these n*ggas gon' get," said Drakeo. "It's on the news. It's on the sh*t. N*gga got hit by a car... You know they finna start, though."

Drakeo reposted Ketchy's last Instagram post and wrote in the caption, "LONG LIVE KETCHY THE GREAT IMA TURN UP FOR YOU FOR YOU ALL YEAR !!" Many others shared their disbelief in finding out Ketchy was gone, including Rap legend Biz Markie. Listen to Drakeo speak about Ketchy's death and read through a few tributes below.