These two have been trading indirect shots at one another since 2019, but there isn't any real *beef* between Charlamagne Tha God and LaKeith Stanfield. The Breakfast Club radio host fired off a few criticisms against the actor almost a year and a half ago after Stanfield called platforms targeting Black audiences "anti-black" due to how they cover the culture. Charlamagne responded by bestowing the actor with a "Donkey of the Day" title and claimed that White outlets do the same thing, but Stanfield continues to sit down with them for interviews.

Charlamagne Tha God, Lakeith Stanfield, Daniel Kaluuya, Judas & the Black Messiah
Charley Gallay / Stringer / Getty Images

The tension seemed to have subsided until today (February 19) when Daniel Kaluuya was a virtual guest on the radio show while promoting his film Judas and The Black Messiah. During the discussion, Charlamagne brought up Stanfield who portrays an informant that infiltrates the Black Panther Party, and asked Kaluuya if Stanfield's well-executed portrayal of the character made him rethink how he feels about his costar.

Kaluuya wasn't having it and immediately asked Charlamagne if he and Stanfield still had beef. Charlamagne insisted that he doesn't have ill-feeling toward the actor but believed that Stanfield was "born to play this role" before he and DJ Envy began laughing. Instead of joining in, Kaluuya put his foot down.

"We're not having that," said the actor before he explained how difficult the character was for Stanfield because he struggled on set portraying a person with who he doesn't agree or align with politically. The clip went viral and Stanfield issued a response of his own.

"Hoes. This is what hoes do," the actor wrote in a caption to a post of the interview. "Get sonned by reality. Get off me bro u a lame. Daniel ain't an idiot. Leave me be dog and find somebody else @cthagod." The post was taken down, but you can watch the clip and see a screenshot of Stanfield's response below.