The Fortnite developers are raking up so much cash they can afford a $100 million prize pool for competitors at the highest level of eSports. Evidently any revenue they put towards the prize pool will have the effect of putting even more people onto the Fortnite craze. One gamer who has already caught the fever is ex Los Angeles Laker Rick Fox. Apparently Fox is one of the "big dogs" in eSports, the term primarily used to describe professional gaming.

His team Echo Fox are generally considered among the very best entrants in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & League of Legends fields of competition. TMZ caught up with Rick Fox and the $100 million prize pool was certainly fresh on his mind. Fox told TMZ his team was up for any battle royale video game within the genre Fortnite is very much a part of.

Rick Fox spoke of his eSports team as if he were their corporate head, and essentially that's his very role. It's not as if Rick Fox is recruiting his son's friends to make believe. Fox takes the recruitment process as seriously as he would handle NBA affairs from scouting perspective: "Our ears have been to the ground there, and our front office has been completely on top of finding the talent that would represent Echo Fox in a Fortnite setting."