JaVale McGee has been having a solid season with the Los Angeles Lakers. On any given night, McGee can be seen providing big dunks and even bigger blocks. While he may not be lighting up the score sheet like LeBron James or Anthony Davis, McGee fits his role perfectly. He does exactly what you ask of him and if you're a Lakers fan, you have to appreciate it. On Sunday night, McGee had himself a great game defensively as he recorded six blocks in just 20 minutes of playing time.

It appears as though the league took notice of McGee's big game as he was promptly drug tested afterward. McGee took to Twitter to alert his fans of the drug test, referring to it as "crazy." The NBA wants to make sure everyone is playing within the rules and sometimes, this includes testing players after they've come through with a big game. 

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Alex Caruso of the Lakers was tested before the season after a doctored image hit social media. The photo depicted Caruso as having humongous muscles which, of course, is something Caruso is not known for having. 

Hopefully, the league will let McGee get those types of games off in the future, without being hassled afterward.