With the NBA playoffs just a couple of months away, teams are beginning to shorten their benches while also adding players via the waiver wire. If you're a team who believes they can win it all, now is the best time to make some big moves in order to consolidate some depth down the stretch. The Los Angeles Lakers understand this better than anybody as they currently boast the best record in the Western Conference. Just last week, there were rumors that the Lakers would sign free agent Markieff Morris who had just been bought out by the Detroit Pistons. 

Yesterday, the Lakers made the move official on social media. Morris is averaging 11 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 1.6 assists this season. With these numbers in mind, it's clear that Morris will make an impact on this Lakers squad in terms of depth scoring. The Lakers need some extra options coming off the bench and Morris fits that bill perfectly.

The Lakers were reportedly going after his brother Marcus at the trade deadline, although he ended up going to the Clippers instead. Either way, the Lakers were finally able to secure a free agent and if you're a fan of the team, that's all that matters.

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