As reported, Anthony Davis will be headed to Los Angeles to join LeBron James as part of the Lakers new direction.

Initial accounts also revealed that if the deal is consummated after June 30th, it would leave the Lakers organization with enough salary cap space to attract another top-tier player in the league for a max contract, and new reports suggest that Kawhi Leonard could very well fill that role.

Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer details that if the Davis deal were to be cemented after July 6th instead, the Lakers would be able to secure someone like Leonard, who league sources say is on the Lakers radar in pursuit of a max free agent.

With his new victory, leading the Raptors toward their first NBA Championship title, Leonard has more than enough of an opportunity to have his pick of the litter this offseason. More than likely, if Kawhi should make his way to Los Angeles, a slot with the Clippers seems to be the more plausible outcome.

In a more logical play, according to O'Connor, the Lakers' next acquisition will very well be that of Kemba Walker who can either sign back with the Hornets for $221.3 million for the next five years, or join Los Angeles for $140.6 million over four years, with a much more viable run toward a title.