JR Smith became a legend for all of the wrong reasons during the 2018 NBA Finals last season. As you probably remember, Smith completely blew Game 1 as he dribbled the ball out thinking the Cavs had the lead. Of course, the game was actually tied and they ended up going to overtime with the Golden State Warriors coming out victorious. Since then, the Cavaliers have been trying to trade Smith although nothing new has happened. Well, reports from Marc Stein and Chris Haynes indicate that once JR Smith is traded and becomes a free agent, the Los Angeles Lakers plan to sign him.

This is a shocking revelation when you consider LeBron James is calling many of the shots is Los Angeles and just how upset he was at Smith after his mishap last year. On the flipside of that argument is the reality of the Lakers cap situation and how they need cheap shooting talent. Smith would certainly fit that bill and he'll be motivated to not make the same mistakes he did in 2018.

As you would imagine, Twitter had a lot to say about this news and reacted with some pretty hilarious memes. If Smith does sign with the Lakers, there is a solid chance he'll show up to the Cleveland home opener thinking he's still on the Cavs.