Lamar Odom's career in the NBA lasted for about fifteen years. Within that time, he made more money than most will ever make, or even see, in their lifetime. The ball player reportedly made about $114M within that time. However, a travel agent is claiming that Odom has been refusing to fork over $25K which he alleges is for plane tickets.

Tom Hauck /Allsport

According to TMZ, a travel agent by the name of Omar Rahmani claims that he booked numerous trips for Lamar Odom between March 2018 to June 2018. The flights were booked from Florida to Vegas to New York as well as Hong Kong. Rahmani claims that the flights in total cost $25,629.47. In the lawsuit, Rahmani claims that Odom has refused to pay up the money owed. 

Rahmani has now filed a lawsuit against Odom in L.A. County Superior Court, accusing him of breach of contract as well as fraud. In the suit, he's seeking to receive all the cash from the flights in addition to punitive damages. 

Despite the lawsuit, it seems as if Odom isn't stressing out about it too much. The ball player was recently seen training heavily in New York City Dubai International Basketball Championship. The Championships take place in February. Odom's been inching towards getting back into professional basketball and hinted at joining Ice Cube's BIG 3 League.