Back in 2015, Lamar Odom almost died after reportedly overdosing at the Love Ranch which is a brothel in Nevada. It is believed that Odom's body was packed with drugs during the overdose and over the course of his stay in the hospital, he was visited by members of the Kardashian clan. Odom also suffered heart attacks and strokes while in the hospital during that period. Today, Lamar hit up The View where he spoke about his new book "Darkness to Light" and talked in depth about the night of his overdose, according to TMZ.

As Odom explains, he believes he was poisoned by the owner of the brothel, Dennis Hof. Hof passed away in 2018 and was the infamous man behind the Love Ranch. The former NBA star is alleging that he never took any drugs that night and that he was given the narcotics found in his system without his knowledge or consent.

"Dennis Hof, I don't know what he had against me but I didn't do drugs that night," Odom said. "I don't know what he had against me ... he tried to kill me."

Odom recently spoke about how he threatened to kill Khloe Kardashian while he was high and that he is hoping to turn his life story into a movie.