Aaron Carter and Lamar Odom are set to face off in a three-round boxing match on Saturday, and fans are pretty confident in who is going to win this one. On one side, you have a small former singer, while on the other, you have a large former athlete who towers over the vast majority of people he comes into contact with. When you take this size difference into consideration, it seems pretty obvious as to why these guys are only going to be going for three rounds.

While speaking to TMZ recently, Odom reiterated his strategy heading into the fight, noting that his plan is to knock Carter out. He even through some disrespect at Carter which is surely going to get the man riled up. 

Lamar Odom

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images for BIG3

"I don't know who he's sparring against but I know my gym is full of guys that can fight and I've been sparring with and I have a really good trainer," Odom said. "[Aaron has been] talkin' s**t but I'm gonna put him to sleep early. [...] I asked his girlfriend yesterday which round do you want to wake him up in."

Needless to say, Odom is ready for war, and we're sure Carter is at least just a little intimidated. Once these two make it into the ring, then we will truly get a better sense of how this fight is about to go down.