Lamar Odom's former marriage to Khloe Kardashian came to a crashing halt after video evidence revealed his infidelity and drug habit during a trip to a Nevada brothel. Since then, the former pro-athlete's romantic involvements have been sparse. However, Odom was recently spotted out with a women who eerily resembles his famous ex-wife. 

Stepping out in Los Angeles on Friday, the 38 year-old was photographed with a buxom blonde. This unidentified woman's bleach-blonde tresses and curvaceous figure echoes that of Kardashian. The duo were seen grabbing lunch together before hopping into Odom's whip and driving off together. 

Odom could be seen wearing a t-shirt with the "Rich Soil Organics" logo emblazoned on the front. This new business venture personally resonates with the pro-baller's newly-acquired affinity for marijuana, which helps him cope with his anxiety following his much-publicized drug overdose and his subsequent hospitalization.