Lamar Odom is known as one of the greatest sixth-men to ever play in the NBA and now that he is retired, he is looking for ways to keep the competitive juices flowing. One of the ways in which he is doing this is by getting into the world of boxing. Celebrity boxing matches are all of the rage right now, and on June 12 in Atlantic City, Odom will get to go up against the likes of Aaron Carter.

At this point, most believe Odom will win although Carter's training has proven to be quite impressive. Of course, the embarrassment would be real if Odom lost and as a result, the fighter has been working hard in the gym to make sure he's ready for action. In the clip below, Odom even knocks down his sparring partner, although the punches weren't exactly that hard.

If you are intent on watching this fight, it seems like the matchup might prove to be more even than originally believed. Odom definitely has the size but in this clip, it is quite clear that he is slow compared to the likes of Carter, who looked agile in his few training videos.

While this might not be the greatest fight ever, it is definitely going to give us a lot to talk about on social media.

Lamar Odom

David Becker/Getty Images