They may be withholding from sex until they're married, but that doesn't mean Lamar Odom can't lust over his soon-to-be-wife on social media. Since revealing their relationship to the world, the in-love couple hasn't ceased in sharing their romance. Whether they're uploading photo after photo of their everyday lives or doing interviews where they speak on intimate moments of their relationship—including conquering Lamar's pornography addiction—the former baller and his fiancé are candid about their courtship.

Over a week ago, Sabrina shared an image of herself standing in the snowy woods while topless. She's covering her breasts and in the caption Sabrina offers up words on inspiration. "Even if you’ve been left out in the cold wilderness, you can still make it out alive and beautiful!" she wrote. "Drop me an emoji if you’ve made it through some tough conditions just like me but you’re still ALIVE and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!"

That must have been on of Lamar's favorites because he revisited the picture and on Wednesday, he shared it over on his Instagram page. "WIFEY😍🥰!!!!!!" he wrote, before praising her unaltered appearance. "100% natural and 100% MINE!!!!!!! @getuptoparr 👰🏽🏆🙏🏿 #wcw #lamarandsabrina #sabrinaparr #wife." 

In other Sabrina news, the fitness buff recently called out In Touch Weekly for allegedly photoshopping a picture of her to make it look like she had a bruise on her arm. She accused them of trying to create a false narrative and spoke directly to the media outlet on Instagram. "Not sure what you were trying to implicate but nonetheless, I had real proof where there was NO editing done to my arm," Sabrina wrote. "I didn’t have a bruise and if I ever did have any bruising moving forward it would be from me playing basketball or lifting weights!!!" Check out all of their images below.