LaMarcus Aldridge and the San Antonio Spurs have had a lengthy relationship with one another although with Aldridge getting up there in age, it's clear that things have deteriorated a bit. The star is now 35 years old and over the past few months, it seemed inevitable that the two sides would be going their separate ways. On Wednesday, those rumors were confirmed as Gregg Popovich revealed that Aldridge and the team would be moving on from one another.

Popovich was quick to point out that Aldridge has been the ultimate professional throughout this entire process and that there are no hard feelings whatsoever. This was strictly a basketball decision for both sides, and moving forward, the Spurs are looking for a way to get Aldridge on a new team.

"He's been a great teammate. No problem there," Popovich said. "We just think this is a win-win for both LaMarcus and the club. When an opportunity arises, that'll be up to management, his agent and that sort of thing, and we'll all move forward. We’ve mutually agreed for him to work on some opportunities elsewhere. He’s done everything we’ve asked. At this point, we’d just like to do something that will work for him as much for our club, because he deserves that.”

It's always good to see a player and the organization get along during these hard times, and by the looks of it, Aldridge will have no issues finding a new team to take him in.

Stay tuned for updates related to Aldridge, as we will be sure to keep you informed.

LaMarcus Aldridge

Chris Graythen/Getty Images