LaMelo Ball has been one of the best rookies in the entire NBA so far this season and fans have been loving his flashy style and unique passes. As of last night, it seemed like Melo was a lock to win the rookie of the year trophy, especially when you consider his impressive stat line. Unfortunately, LaMelo was injured pretty badly while falling to the ground in the midst of a match last night.

Essentially, Melo landed on his hand which reportedly broke his wrist. These injuries are always devastating for basketball players, and now, it looks like Ball will have to miss the rest of the season, which puts his rookie of the year campaign at risk.

The Hornets were relying on Melo's talents at the point guard position although now, they will have to try and make the playoffs without him, which is much easier said than done. The injury is a huge blow to the league, as Melo was one of the few players putting forth a 100 percent effort.

As you can imagine, fans were quite distraught about the injury, and the reactions on social media prove that. In the tweets below, you can see exactly how the fans were feeling. Let us know what you think about all of this, in the comments below.

LaMelo Ball

Harry How/Getty Images