Lance Stephenson is definitely one of the funniest people in the NBA thanks to his bizarre antics on the court. Perhaps his most infamous moment out on the basketball court was when he blew into the ear of LeBron James to get him off guard. LeBron ended up laughing him off and that was the end of it but regardless, you have to admire the creativity. Stephenson has bounced around the league since then and last year, he found himself with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

With the cameras on him every night, he was able to bring more attention to his celebrations, which included some classic air guitar playing. Stephenson recently took to social media where he revealed that his daughter is now getting in on the fun and recreating her dad's celebrations.

In the video above, you can see Stephenson's daughter pretend to dunk over someone and flex just like he would while chest bumping teammates. The video ends with some classic air guitar playing that has many of the same mannerisms as her father.

Perhaps in the future, Stephenson's daughter will have a basketball career of her own which will also feature some classic and creative celebrations.