Hip hop's beacon of light Kendrick Lamar has been snatching hearts across the globe. The rapper, who used to play second fiddle to Drake in terms of sales, has overtaken the charts with his latest release DAMN. Now, LAPD commissioner Steve Soborrof has praised the artist for being "at the top of his game."

"I consider him a friend and he considers me a friend and I know that his manager and some of the other folks around him consider me a friend," Soborrof told TMZ Sports. "I've been there a long time and done a lot of things to help in the community and I just want to keep that up."

The two made headlines when they were spotted sitting court side next to each other at a Clippers playoff basketball game this week. Kendrick's "Alright" has been the unofficial theme song for the Black Lives Matter movement because of its strong stance against police oppression. Though Soboroff doesn't agree with all of K. Dot's opinions, he said he respects the rapper.

"It's an opportunity to say that the relationships between law enforcement and community starts with mutual understanding, respect for what other people feel, respect for what their experiences are. And everyone should be able to voice their frustrations [...] is a first step to come to a productive solution," he said, adding that Kenny and other hip hop celebs he's met have always expressed respect for police.

Watch the entire clip below.