On Sunday evening, No Jumper podcast host Adam 22 found himself literally laughing in the face of danger as a would-be gunman stuffed a weapon in his face. The bizarre encounter seemed to escalate out of nowhere, with Adam's surprised reaction and nervous giggle speaking volumes. Luckily, the gunman was eventually subdued and held until LAPD was able to make it to the scene. He was later identified as David Tran, and not, contrary to widespread speculation, a disgruntled SoundCloud rapper. 

As it happens, Tran was indeed pulling a fast one. The LAPD confirmed to The Fader that Tran was actually wielding a "movie prop gun," though they revealed little about his gameplan or lack thereof. When asked about the fake weapon, Adam mused that "[his] friends were looking at the gun and they thought it was just old or broken or something." As for how he was able to enter, Tran apparently waited by the rear entrance and slipped in with the Postmates delivery worker. 

While Adam does appear to be willing and able to joke about the experience, it’s unclear whether he will be moving forward with a heightened security team. It’s crazy what some might do for the clout. Hopefully, the podcaster isn't too shaken by the ordeal, as having a gun in one's face (fake or not) is likely harrowing no matter where you stand.