Convicted sex offender Larry Nassar has already undergone 6 months of his  40 to 175 year bid for transgressive acts brought to light a by coalition of noted gymnasts in the U.S. program. Accoring to court documents filed by his attorney, the disgraced physician was assaulted within hours of his release to the general population at at the United States Penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona.

Nassar's attorney believes Judge Rosemarie Aquilina who presided over his case, is responsible for the attack and potential incidents of harm for demonizing "Dr. Nassar in front of the entire world." His legal representative also attempted to file pleadings in order to invalidate some of his Eaton County charges.

Nassar's attorney wants the Judge disqualified and certain conditions revised concerning his clients general upkeep in State Prison. The decision to sequester Larry Nassar far from his home state comes down to a selective sex offender management program which aims to convince abusers of the emotional cost of their actions. The program also some protective features/work assignments, but releasing him to general pop kind of waived any integrated features that would have saved him from his fellow inmates.

It's no secret that pedophiles are considered the bottom feeders of the prison system in America, and the World over.