The mother of four and ex-wife of famed basketball player Scottie Pippen, Larsa Pippen, announced her partnership with the content subscription service, OnlyFans, Monday night, to her 2 million followers. This fresh start comes after a tumultuous 2021 that found Pippen accused of separating NBA star Malik Beasley from his family with influencer Montana Yao. In December, it was reported that Yao divorced the 24-year old basketball player after her and her children were kicked out of their house by Beasley. Though their fling reportedly only lasted four months, Yao has taken to Instagram to throw shade at Pippen and Beasley has been left crawling back to Yao

However, Pippen seems to be leaving the drama behind her for better things. "Every woman can love and live on her own terms," she captioned the announcement of her partnership with OnlyFans. 

This seems to be a slight against Yao and others who have been critical of her controversial relationships with high-profile men. Yao took to Instagram last Monday to clap back at Pippen’s involvement in her husband’s life and threaten Pippen with “you really need to be put in check” for allegedly trying to reconcile with Beasley. That same night, however, Beasley publicly apologized for the lack of loyalty he showed his ex-wife. 

This isn't the first time the Real Housewives of Miami star is in the romantic hotseat. In 2015, Pippen was subject to wild speculation after her short-lived romance with rapper Future.

In the announcement, Pippen seems to be taking a more conservative approach to the app by posting tasteful portraits of her bikini and lingerie wardrobe as well as informative exercise videos. She caps off the announcement by encouraging younger generations of women to believe in themselves, stating: "I want to show women all over the world no matter where they are in life they can be sexy and successful."

Though some are excited by Pippen’s newfound positivity, others are critical that the announcement is only a way for Pippen to capitalize off of her recent attention. Although, after this announcement, those looking for an extension of this drama should stay tuned to Pippen’s Instagram.

Check out Larsa's OnlyFans announcement below, and let us know if you'll be subscribing.