If you're an avid sneakerhead who stays up on the latest releases, then you've definitely camped outside of a store at some point in your life just so you could get the chance to wear a hype release. The biggest drop of the weekend is the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Black" which is a shoe that fans have been hoping for for a long time. The release is pretty limited and sneakerheads are desperate to cop them because their aftermarket value is fairly high right now.

Australian sneakerheads were amongst some of the most eager to cop the shoe as according to the Daily Mail, shoppers in Sydney and Melbourne camped for days outside of Adidas just so they could get their hands on the shoe. Since it's Winter in Australia right now, it was fairly cold outside so shoppers were bundled up in heavy jackets and even set up tents just so they could sleep at night.

Image via Adidas

One sneakerhead even made a cardboard sign explaining why he was lined up as passersby kept hounding him questions about what was going down.

"We line up for Yeezy, it's a sneaker because it's limited released, so we line up here," the sign said. "You can join us or give some encouragement. We start camping here since Monday morning and it's gonna release at Friday morning."

Were you able to cop this release or did you take a huge L like the rest of us?