Last week, we unveiled the first episode of our new podcast BagFuel with E$$O and Hynaken. While the last episode broke down some topics with Iman Shumpert, this week we’re hearing from Tampa rapper LATHEGOAT and Atlanta rapper Jermaine Dupri. Dupri signed LATHEGOAT to his label just over a month ago, and the two come together on this week’s episode of “BagFuel” to discuss their new relationship. 

Jermaine Dupri Tyler Perry Premiere
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

LATHEGOAT had a lot to say about the phenomenon of using songs and music videos as evidence in a courtroom, which he was able to break down. He says, “At the end of the day… it’s real-life shit. My hood got indicted like two years back, and they played my first two videos in the courtroom. You feel me, like trying to pick people out of the videos. So regardless of how you put it, that’s what people wanna see, the real-life shit.” LATHEGOAT reiterates that just because it’s in the video, doesn’t mean you’re doing it in real life. 

When asked about why he chose to sign LATHEGOAT, Dupri explains, “I thought the ‘8 Bands’ track was already out, and was gone, and he was just a new artist out here grabbing people’s beats and rapping over them. So then once I listened to that ‘8 Bands’, I’m like, ‘This shit is staying in my head’... it was purely off of his talent.” 

Hear more on this week’s episode of “BagFuel” on YouTube, and keep an eye out for more episodes in the weeks to come.