Viral social media star and rapper Latruth sat down with Hynaken and E$$O in this week’s episode of BagFuel, to discuss working with Snoop Dogg, the elevation of North Carolina's rap scene, and helping fellow social media stars find success.

Latruth, for those unfamiliar, is a multi-hyphenate in the online space, from rapper to content creator. He has, clearly, developed a formula for success in social media. In 2006, he founded his own record label Fast Cash Records / Gswag Ent, based out of Atlanta. The rapper has sold over 300,000 units after releasing 5 albums as an independent artist under his own label. After spending several years establishing his name through a winning social media recipe, Latruth expanded his catalog with a single titled “Don’t Disrespect” featuring the legendary Snoop Dogg in 2017. 

“Man it was actually something set up through my management. He called me like ‘We got Snoop on the ready,’ and I was like 'that's dope bro,’ let's make it work. I put my shit together. Next thing you know, I’m flying out to Snoop’s house, smoking with him. You know, we made history,” Latruth shares during the interview.

BagFuel host E$$O goes on to ask Latruth what it was like to smoke with Snoop Dogg during their recording session, “What was that experience like smoking with him? Because we heard he don’t smoke like no regular.”

“Aw man, I don’t know what type of lungs he got,” Latruth answered in familiar fashion. “He’s rolling up blunts this fat back to back to back. After three I was cool. Yeah he kept smoking but he’s got his own strand of weed.”  

Latruth apparently also has a track record of helping social media stars-turned-artists break into the spotlight, as he reveals during the interview.

“DC Youngfly, Haha Davis, Woody The Great, FatBoy SSE, DK… man the list is limitless,” Latruth starts. “There’s so many people that came through before they actually blew all the way up.”

Hynaken and E$$O wanted to know the exact formula for social media fame, but the rapper claims it's all about genuinity, consistency, and transparency. 

“All I’m doing is a simple repost basically,” he said, “I’m reposting and saying what I feel about it. Obviously if it’s dope content, the world is gonna see the same thing.” 

Finally, the conversation turned to the burgeoning rap scene in North Carolina, with Latruth dropping a few words of wisdom that translates to the rap game at large.

Latruth told the BagFuel hosts that while there’s a lot of talent in North Carolina, the only way the city can rise to the top is if rappers unite and work toward success together. He says that things could be much better if everyone wasn’t living in competition with each other, especially when it comes to hip hop. 

“If everybody can come together and realize we can all eat together, promote each other and all that, I can see big things happening,” he said. “It’s not just North Carolina, it’s any city or any state that has talented artists. If people come together and stop fighting against each other it could be major.” 

Do you agree with Latruth?