She formally introduced her new name change today (May 21) with the release of her single "The Biggest," and she's addressing a few critics on social media. At the top of the morning, the artist formerly known as Mulatto returned with a new track where she speaks on the criticism she received regarding her Rap moniker. "The Biggest" came without much promotion and Latto took to Twitter to share why she was unable to support the single the way she would have liked to.

"Y’all don’t even know I been in the ER & wasn’t able to promote 'The Biggest' myself but I’m feeling better & seeing all the support feels amazing [red heart emoji][slot machine emoji]," the rapper tweeted.

"Thanks for hearing me out and accepting my apology!" she added. A Twitter user responded to Latto's message by suggesting that her doctor's visit was really a "cover up" for getting plastic surgery. Latto clapped back quickly and revealed that she wasn't hiding cosmetic work.

"I actually was in the ER for a serious health scare," she replied without giving any details. "I’m open about my surgeries this had nothing to do w that." Soon, her fans came to her defense. Check out the tweets below as well as her new track, "The Biggest."