After dispelling pregnancy rumors as “straight bullsh*t,” Lauren London rocks a baby bump in a scene from her upcoming movie with Michael B Jordan. On Wednesday, a trailer for the new action thriller movie Without Remorse was released, causing excitement -- as well as realization of sorts-- online.

The Amazon Prime movie, based on the Tom Clancy book, is set to be released on April 30. The plot revolves around Jordan’s character, Navy SEAL Sr. Chief John Kelly, and his quest for justice after his wife, played by London, and family are murdered. In his pursuit of the murderers, Sr. Chief Kelly along with another SEAL agent and a CIA agent uncover a possible war looming between the U.S and Russia. 

London’s name went viral on Twitter after the release of the trailer. Fans of the actress poked fun at those who falsely accused London of being pregnant.  

“I AM SCREAMING! People thought Lauren London was pregnant because..she was seen on a set filming a movie. Y'all were really on here being misogynistic towards this Black woman and threatening to push her down steps because y'all worship a man (Nipsey Hussle). THERAPY. IMMEDIATELY,” one fan wrote. 

"Y’all really started that damn pregnant rumor about Lauren London just to find out she was wearing a fake baby bump for a movie role, y’all feel dumb yet?” another fan tweeted.

Others expressed excitement to see the actress return to the big screen after her loss.

“Lauren London is back on our screens y’all .. this makes me so happy.,” a fan said.

Are you excited about the return of Lauren London to the big (or small) screen? Check out the trailer for the new film above and let us know if you plan to watch.