In an age where it seems as if everyone is looking for their Andy Warhol-predicted 15-minutes of fame, Lauren London remains fiercely private about her personal life. The actress has been in the industry since 2003 when she made her debut appearance in the music video for Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z's "Frontin'," but she's probably most famously remembered as Nu-Nu from the movie ATL alongside T.I.

However, London's relationships with the father of her children—Lil Wayne and Nipsey Hussle—have often made headlines, and following Nipsey's callous murder back in the Spring of 2019, London has dedicated herself to continuing his legacy. The Southern California native recently sat down with the Los Angeles Times to speak at length about her career, loss, and rebuilding after a tragedy.

“I think when really hard things happen to people it’s just hard to think that life will ever be sweet again. So that’s something that I’m learning again, is how to do that," said London. “I lost what I would say is the love of my life. ... So I had to go so deep within myself. I was so in a dark space and it was just like, ‘What is this? Who am I? God, please show me.’ ... When you’re facing God face-on, you’re asking real questions and you want real answers. It wasn’t for play. I really wanted to know what was going on. So, I think it just has expanded because of my quest for peace."

The actress spoke about meeting Nipsey back in 2013 after a few casual interactions. He reportedly slid into her DMs and their friendship grew into a romance. “Nipsey made the biggest joke that L.A. was my gang, that I bang L.A.,” she said. Since his passing, London has spent time focused on her family and her spiritual practices, but she eased back into the industry by starring in Without Remorse with Michael B. Jordan.

"I always say I’m a seeker of truth. I always say that. Because I want to know the truth," said London. "I want to know what it really is, and I think that also has been what has helped me in my spiritual practice too. It’s a tenacity for God."