As one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood, Laurence Fishburne has been offered many roles that he's decided to turn down. It was back in January when acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino revealed that the Pulp Fiction role of Jules Winnfield, a part that was brilliantly played by Samuel L. Jackson, was originally created with Laurence Fishburne in mind. However, Fishburne would later reject the offer, so production went with Jackson instead. In a recent interview with Vulture, Laurence Fishburne confirmed Tarantino's story and added that the glorification of heroin didn't sit well with him.

“I just had a problem with the way the heroin use was dealt with,” Fishburne said of the 1994 cult classic flick co-starring Uma Thurman. “I just felt it was a little cavalier, and it was a little loose. I felt like it made heroin use attractive. For me, it’s not just my character. It’s, ‘What is the whole thing saying?’... It wasn’t about my character in Pulp Fiction. It was about the way in which the heroin thing was delivered. And the whole f*cking thing with the hypodermic and the adrenaline shot? No.”

Recently, Laurence Fishburne also revealed that he isn't involved in Matrix 4 because he wasn't asked to join the cast.