LaVar Ball has always been an interesting character. Ever since his oldest son Lonzo ascended to the ranks of the NBA in 2017, LaVar has been all over the media as he looks to hype up his sons all while trying to take over the basketball world. For the most part, LaVar's efforts have been admirable although he has certainly eaten crow along the way. Perhaps the best example of this is when he said the Lakers would never win a title, only for them to win one in 2020.

During an electric appearance on Shannon Sharpe's "Club Shay Shay" podcast, LaVar addressed the Lakers and their most recent title victory. As he explained, LaVar is directly responsible for motivating the Lakers this season and in many ways, they won because of him.

“Heck no. They in the bubble. They’re in the bubble and all this stuff goes right. Like I told them, they need to send me a Thank You card on the fact that I gave incentive to win," LaVar said. "I said they’d never ever, ever, ever win. You know they was talking about that the whole year. What did you say last year that somebody remembers? That’s how I be living in people’s heads…just so they can say ‘I told you that you was wrong.’ I still go to bed, take me a nap, eat my donuts and I don’t think about nothing. They’ve been thinking about this for a whole year."

By now, everyone reading this should understand that LaVar is a troll, and he is a great one at that. Even when he takes an L, he tries to find ways to claim it as a win, and quite frankly, you have to respect it.