LaVar Ball has been one of the most vocal fathers in sports history, especially when it comes to where he wants his kids to play. Back in 2017, LaVar was extremely loud about Lonzo being drafted to the Lakers, which ended up happening albeit Lonzo only got to play a couple of years there before being traded in a package for the likes of Anthony Davis. Now, LaVar is trying to influence the future of his son LaMelo who will be drafted into the NBA on November 18th.

For months, it was believed that LaMelo would be an obvious top-five pick although recently, there were some concerns following his pre-draft interviews. Now, some people think he could be pushed outside of the top-five, which would give deeper teams in the draft some hope. LaVar seems to be well-aware of this reality as he recently told the Pascal Show that he wants LaMelo to go to either the Knicks or the Pistons.

The Pistons are set to draft seventh while the Knicks have the eighth overall pick. These are two teams that could use a player like LaMelo and if he falls in their laps, he will be the perfect value pick, should he live up to his potential.

As for Los Angeles, LaVar noted that he would only want his sons to play there after LeBron and Anthony Davis have left. In fact, LaVar even blamed Lonzo's lack of Lakers success on former head coach Luke Walton.

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Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Crosswalk Productions