There was a lane. LaVar Ball did not stay in it. For reasons unknown, the Ball patriarch found his way onto the series Lip Sync Battle, which finds hosts LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen watching various guests turn in their best efforts, often to mixed results. After all, can a lip-sync performance truly be transcendental? Perhaps a lip-sync aficionado can shed some light on the question. Until then, shows like Lip Sync Battle will continue to trudge along, pairing father against son, Ball against Ball.

While Lonzo's "Bad & Boujee" performance found him shooting his shot with Chrissy Teigen, LaVar's was an entirely different kettle of fish. Set to Nas' classic "Hate Me Now," LaVar sauntered onstage with an endearing lack of grace; his purported basketball skills were absent on that fateful night. Perhaps the close proximity of his actual son led him to behaving particularly "dad-like," but LaVar's onstage moves weren't the only red flag. One might suggest that actually memorizing the lyrics is an essential part of lip-syncing, and on that front, LaVar failed to deliver. 

"If I was Nas, I'd be mad he put on a performance like that on my song," says Lonzo, watching from the sidelines while proudly rocking some Big Baller Brand. Interestingly enough, Lonzo Ball previously claimed Nas was outdated, leading plenty of hip-hop heads to dust off the gloves. Either way, the episode will premiere on Feb. 15 at 10 p.m, where the full performances of Lonzo's "Bad and Boujee" and LaVar's "Hate Me Now" will be broadcast in full glory.