LaVar Ball is easily the most famous helicopter parent in the entire world and while he has received criticism at times, he has continuously done what he has felt was right for his kids. In many ways, LaVar is an honorable guy who should certainly be commended for all that he has done for his three children. It's clear that they are set for life and regardless of how good their NBA careers are, they will have wealth for the rest of their lives.

Last night, LaVar's youngest son LaMelo made his NBA debut although it left a lot to be desired. The third-overall pick was only able to muster three assists and one rebound all while failing to score a single point. Despite this, LaVar had a lot to say prior to the match, telling TMZ that he thinks the Hornets need to make his son the starting point guard.

For now, Terry Rozier is the starting PG, and for good reason. In fact, he scored 44 points last night which is a great way for any player to kick off a season. With this production in mind, it's clear that Melo will have a lot of work to do before he can be made the starter on any team.

Despite this, we're sure LaVar will continue advocating for his son, which is the honorable thing to do. Hopefully, LaMelo can find that rhythm soon and become the player everyone hopes he will be.