The leading single off Ciara's next album spawned a dance trend. Its music video's choreography inspired many fans to post their own interpretations of the dance on social media. Some public figures hopped on the bandwaggon, including Laverne Cox.

The Orange Is The New Black actress took up the challenge while sporting a two-piece getup and high heels. Ciara shared the clip to her own Instagram praising sis for her effort.

"@LaverneCox Leveled Allll Tha Way Up!! Lookin like a music video! Yaaas!! #LevelUpChallenge#LevelUp"

Cox explained how the video came about in her original post's caption.

"So this originally was going to be my #levelupchallenge video. Then we went to the pool and got inspired. Which do you prefer #levelupchallenge aqua edition or #levelupchallenge #glamroomedition? Lord I am extra! Lol. Blame @ciara"

The previous post showed the trans activist busting her moves from a pool. The water provided an extra layer to the workout in addition to dripping esthetics, as she propped her leg up and out of the pool to pause for the camera. Laverne gave thanks to her collaborators who helped her impromptu rendition in her caption.

#levelupchallenge aqua edition. @saro we will do the next one together. Thank you @ciara for giving us life and inspiring us all to #LevelUp. Thank you @beejanland for shooting the video. #TransIsBeautiful