Make no mistake about it, 21 Savage never had any obligation to Layzie Bone before his name was brought to the fore on "Let Me Go Migo." 21 nevertheless responded to the offhanded commentary by issuing a video response on Instagram live, to which he stated, "I thought that shit was gon' be hard," before adding summative thoughts to the extent of calling his record "wack as a motherf*cker - no cap."

Somewhere embedded in 21 Savage's response, the Zone 6 rapper made allusions to Layzie Bone's wife sufficing on a steady diet of pork chops, comments the Bone Thugs alumnus didn't take lightly. Smartly enough, Layzie Bone isn't letting the baseless commentary get to him on an emotional level, for the betterment of his cause: to raise awareness towards the ill-gotten gains of these "new school degenerates," in his own estimation.

Not only is he clamoring for a PPV rap battle, on behalf of his Bone Thugs brethren Bizzy, Wish, Krayzie, and Flesh-n-Bone, but Layzie Bone is now holding out for a public apology from 21 Savage himself, for taking the skirmish out of bounds. Let's get in the motherf*cking ring, have a real promoter promote it, and let's go make the ticket," he purported as his pitch to 21 and Migos, to even out the numbers. Layzie Bone even suggested 21 Savage call for backup in the event the heated battle really takes off. "Young n***a where is your babysitter?" he motioned to the camera before demanding an apology and stipulations for a boxing match. Can you foresee a diss record response in the not so distant future, comment below?