Even without Klay Thompson, one-half of the Splash Brothers, available to play this season, the Golden State Warriors are in a pretty good place at the moment. Currently sitting at eighth place in the Western Conference, the team still has hopes of returning to the playoffs for the first time since 2019, and it has witnessed its star point guard Steph Curry making history over the past couple of months.

Throughout the past few days, however, the Warriors have been making waves for other reasons. In a post-game interview following Golden State's victorious matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers, center/power forward Draymond Green spoke candidly about Andre Drummond's situation, criticizing the double standards in the NBA regarding player trades.

"Everyone wants to say, ‘that young man can’t figure it out.’ But no one wants to say the organization can’t figure it out," Green notably said during his interview, pointing out that the blame for bad team chemistry can't always fall on the players.

It was a bold statement, but notable NBA alumni and current players like Dwayne Wade and Lebron James have come forward and publicly agreed with Green on the situation. In a post-game interview following the Los Angeles Lakers' win over the Minnesota Timberwolves yesterday, Lebron expressed his opinion on the situation but admitted that Draymond "said it so perfectly."

"From a team's perspective, they control the narrative. They've controlled the narrative for how players should be, how they should act, how they should treat the organization," he adds. "If things don't go their way, they have a way of getting out the narrative that this person or that person is a bad fit or a cancer to the team."

This season alone, we have seen how high-profile trades featuring players like James Harden are treated within the media, so it will be interesting to see if these prominent players' comments bring any change to the NBA's double standards.