Today, the Washington NFL Team announced that they would be changing their name to the Washington Football Team, at least for the time being. Of course, this won't be the team's official name although it is simply a placeholder until they are able to find something that is a lot more appropriate. Not to mention, they want to rid their social media and team store of any merchandise that could be deemed offensive in light of their dedication to ridding the team name from their history.

LeBron James took to Twitter expressing his confusion at the name, sarcastically noting that it must have taken quite a few board people to come up with the moniker. LeBron's rival Kevin Durant is a big fan of Washington and reacted to LeBron's statement with some displeasure. This eventually led to a funny back and forth between the two, as LeBron noted he wasn't sure if it was appropriate to reach out to the Brooklyn Nets star, or not.

In a few months from now, KD will have plenty to be excited about as the Washington Football Team will announce a brand new name and logo that will certainly get fans excited.

After seeing the Seattle Kraken reveal today, the Washington Football Team has plenty of work to do.