LeBron James is one of if not the best player in the NBA, which means he is given the benefit of the doubt on almost every single play. If he is fouled hard, he will immediately go to the line and at times, the opposing player could be subjected to harsher penalties than normal. On the flip side of that, when LeBron commits a hard foul, the refs don't seem to mind looking the other way. While some find this unfair, it's very understandable when you consider just how much of a superstar LeBron is.

Last night, LeBron was a part of a questionable play as he was defending Phoenix Suns player Mikal Bridges. In the clip below, Bridges goes to the basket and as he falls backward, LeBron gives the player a light shove, leading to what looked like a scary tumble.

LeBron was not penalized for the play although there were various fans who were asking for some kind of explanation. On Twitter, Suns supporters explained their distaste for LeBron noting that had it been him who was shoved like that, the opposing player would have received a fine or a suspension.

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