Literally minutes ago, ESPN ran a well-researched exposé that dives into the reasons why the Laker's failed to leverage LeBron James arrival this season. While many of the answers regarding that question are plain to see, Dave McMenamin was able to uncover an anecdote with the potential to change the perception around the team, the front office, and the players themselves. The senior staff writer outlined a previously disclosed meeting set up by management in order to curb LeBron James' incessant criticism of his teammates.

"The meeting in Memphis was a retort of sorts. In what became an open forum, several players spoke up. Players focused on James’ inconsistent body language throughout the year," denoted McMenamin in the bit about the front office's midseason intervention. "The four-time MVP copped to the critique, telling his teammates that, in essence, cutting out behavior like slumped shoulders and sideways glances has been something he has tried to work on his entire career."

As you can see, LeBron James' teacher mentality has been weighing negatively on the group at large. Part of the reason Drake speaks out against his teammates so often is that he's not the type of "leader" that's going to lead an NBA franchise through the entry hoop of a developmental curve. You can check out the rest of McMenamin's exposé right here.