Throughout the last few years, Battle Royales have become one of the most profitable genres in video gaming. These types of games can be incredibly addicting and while many of them are free, developers are continuously updating the games with new skins and bundles that keep players coming back for more. While it certainly isn't the first Battle Royale game, "Fortnite" has managed to take the genre by storm and since 2018, it has been one of the biggest games in the world.

Every season, "Fortnite" merges with pop culture and delivers some unique playable characters. We have seen Thanos and Travis Scott get their own character models, and both remain quite popular. Now, however, "Fortnite" is going into the NBA world as they have teamed up with LeBron James for what should be their most popular collaboration to date.

LeBron James

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

In the Twitter and YouTube clips below, you can see the brand new skins that will come with the LeBron character. One model has LeBron wearing his Space Jam Tune Squad outfit, while the other simply has him in shorts and a t-shirt. There is also a special accessory you can wear which gives him wings and some unique shoulder pads with a lion's head on them. The Nike LeBron 19 will also be included here, which is pretty cool if you're a sneakerhead.

The collaboration will be made available to gamers as of Wednesday, July 14th, so be sure to look out for that if you own the game.