Heading into this season, there was a ton of debate surrounding LeBron James and whether or not he was still good enough to lead an NBA franchise to the promised land. Of course, any doubts about LeBron's talents were quickly dismissed when the season started as he has continued to put up huge numbers and destroy the competition. Last night, LeBron continued his reign of terror against the San Antonio Spurs and even came through with a huge chase-down block near the end of the first half.

James is well aware of the criticism against him and has turned it into the sarcastic hashtag "Washed King." Today, he took to Instagram to make a post about the chase-down block and even bigged himself up while looking ahead to the next game. "Yes he is trailing and picking up MAD steam ahead💨🚂💨. Great team win last night fellas!" he wrote.

James has plenty to brag about this season as the Lakers currently boast the best record in the league at 15-2. They are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon and are playing with a ton of chemistry. In fact, they are quite possibly the most fun team to watch in all of basketball, which is truly saying something.

At this point, James and the Lakers could be well on their way to a Finals appearance.