LeBron James has one of the biggest platforms in the world when it comes to the field of athletics, and he always makes sure to use it in a positive way. By now, you should know that LeBron is very politically active and can always be found giving his opinions on social justice and racial injustice. Simply put, LeBron wants to be a leader in his community and also wants positive changes to be bestowed upon the world.

Recently, LeBron appeared on a Bloomberg Businessweek show where he spoke about his brand new SpringHill Co media venture. During this interview, LeBron was asked about another politically engaged athlete, in Colin Kaepernick. In the clip below, LeBron applauds Kaepernick's efforts and notes that the NFL should make a formal apology to the quarterback. 

While LeBron makes a good point by demanding for such a thing, it remains to be seen whether or not the NFL will actually take such an action. Over the last few weeks, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has admitted that the league messed up four years ago with how they handled the kneeling protests. Meanwhile, Goodell also encouraged teams to go out and sign Kaepernick. With these actions in mind, a full-blown apology seems unlikely.

Regardless, Kaepernick remains a relevant figure despite not having played a single game in three years. This just goes to show much of a lasting impact he has had.