During quarantine, Bronny James Jr. has been spending his time streaming on Twitch and he's been playing a lot of NBA 2K. When you're the son of LeBron James, a lot of people are going to want to watch you, and just as many people are going to want to play and stream with you. If you are lucky enough to stream with Bronny, well, there is a good chance you will get to have some insight into the life of LeBron, or better yet, you may just get to talk to him yourself.

That's exactly what happened to streamer Adin Ross over the weekend. Ross was playing NBA 2K with Bronny when all of a sudden, LeBron crashed the stream and said "what's good bruh." When Ross asked if it was LeBron talking, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar couldn't help but laugh.

Ross immediately began telling LeBron about how much he loved him and James eventually gave him some respect right back. The streamer was clearly shaken up by what had just happened and we imagine his chat was feeling the exact same way.

Considering just how big of a star LeBron is, this gesture was pretty cool and we're sure Ross will be remembering that moment for the rest of his life.