This season has been quite kind to the New York Knicks, who are typically among the league's worst teams. Luckily for Knicks fans, the team has been able to turn it around and now, they are fourth place in the Eastern Conference and are surely on their way to making the playoffs. It's a massive turnaround that virtually no one saw coming, and many are looking for answers.

DJ First Class on Twitter recently brought up the infamous Dipset freestyle which was performed recently as part of a collaboration with KITH. He noted that the Knicks have been on a mission ever since the freestyle was done, and it's hard to deny the timing of it all. Even LeBron had something to say, as he noted that he loves what's happening to New York right now.

"Ain’t no denying DIPSET!" LeBron wrote. "And the league is simply better off when the Knicks are winning." LeBron has some history with the Knicks as there were rumors that he would join the team back in 2010. Of course, that never happened although LeBron's love for the franchise always remained strong.

Regardless of who is responsible for the Knicks play right now, it is clear they are giving their fans a reason to be excited again. If they can manage to win a playoff series, then we can only imagine the sort of partying that will be done.

LeBron James

Elsa/Getty Images