It's family over everything for LeBron James, so when a video surfaced showing Tom Hanks going at it with the public went viral, the Los Angeles Lakers star chimed in. Hanks is a beloved Hollywood character who very rarely, if ever, makes waves—unlike his son, Chet. Earlier today (June 15), TMZ shared a video that showed the 65-year-old actor with his 65-year-old wife, Rita Wilson, as they were making their way to their awaiting vehicle in New York City.

Unsurprisingly, the couple was flanked by security while being closely followed and photographed by superfans and the paparazzi. The clip shows Wilson just a few steps ahead of Hanks as the actor attempted to catch up. 

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Then, the crowd was so close to Wilson that they actually tripped her, but she was able to catch herself before falling. The typically calm-demeanor Hanks immediately unleashed on the crowd and yelled, "Back the f*ck off!" before telling them to leave his wife alone. A stunned teen looked surprised. The paparazzi apologized as Hanks made his exit.

The video quickly circulated online and it caught the attention of LeBron James who defended the award-winning icon.

"I just saw the Tom Hanks clip of his wife almost being trampled over by the paparazzi. What the f*ck ever happened to personal space?? Now if Tom would have stole on one of them, he would be the one in the wrong and probably sued! How are they protected more than he and his wife?"

Check out the clip of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson below.